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We specialize in helping clients increase the value and beauty of their homes by creating elegant outdoor living spaces. We create beautiful yard designs by combining seasonal color, perennials, evergreen with deciduous plant material to create a all year round low  landscaping, and low maintenance landscape  when possible. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your project. 


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Get to know Johnna

 Johnna is devoted to her chosen profession. Passionate about design, she works very diligently to maintain a close relationship and keep communications open with clients. Johnna has a BS in Landscape Architecture from UC Davis. She has been Associate Landscape Designer, Project Manager, Lead draftsman and owner of her own Landscape Design business since 2011. She has worked in the field of Landscape Architecture for approximately 15 years.

Johnna Brooks's sense of design, her passion for unique plant material, and understanding of low water use gardens, enables her to transform a project into a unique outdoor living space. Her path to the present has lead her through 15 years of work in landscape construction, environmental research, land planning, and landscape design/build.  As Landscape Designer at she utilizes all of her skills, talents, and love of nature in her day to day designs.
Johnna believes a landscape should be an expansion of the homeowner's lifestyle. She is carefully listening to people's varied interests and how they plan to utilize their space, and helps to achieve a functional, creative design that her clients will enjoy for years to come. Johnna earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Landscape Architecture from University of California, at Davis and is the recipient of multiple state awards for CLCA's residential category.

"My intention is to create gardens that will stand the test of time and be a reflection of my client's aesthetics as well as my own." 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Johnna made our dreams come true. We have a garden of deep beauty and serenity." - Drs. William & Susan Buchholz"

Congratulations to all of you on what Susan and I knew all along - that you had envisioned and created a masterpiece! It is always a happy experience to just open the door and hear the sounds and see the sights of our fabulous yard. And it gets better with each passing day. We are so lucky!!!" - Brad & Susan K.  

 “Johnna's vision for our yard and the end result was spectacular.  It is amazing what can be done in small to medium size spaces.  The curves of the lawn and patio as well as the choice of plants with lots of colors and textures bring it to life. We love our yard now and spend our evenings and weekends enjoying it." - Barbara C. 


 "When we landscaped on our own we failed miserably - spending money and time on plants that died or grew too big or too small.  Johnna has an artist's eye.  Her vision gave our hodgepodge backyard an updated, cohesive and playful look." - Rachelle    

“We had an excellent experience working with Johnna on our landscape project. She was very adept at taking our thoughts, visions, magazine photos etc. and developed a design that far exceeded our expectations. We were very pleased with her ability to function efficiently and effectively as she delivered sketches detailing our vision after our very first meeting. We had previously worked with designers who, after multiple meetings, were unable to come up with a satisfactory design, but Johnna was able to do so after our initial meeting. Johnna is a skillful communicator and made it a priority to keep us well informed. We were very pleased with Johnna's talent and expertise in creating our beautiful award-winning outdoor space. We would certainly use her again for any other projects. - Brian Carrie   

I have worked with Johnna on a few projects. we have just finished the front yard of my current home and are now starting on the back. The style of this particular plan is English Cottage. In working with Johnna, I have found her to be very timely and responsible. I know quite a bit about the subject matter so I found that when I asked her a question about a plant , flower or situation, I always got a response that I expected. I could therefore trust her to make appropriate decisions about where we were going to place specific plants, allow for traffic flow or the best place to put the outdoor kitchen. She always has an eye on important factors like, what type of design goes with your residence, will it be colorful all year long, can it be maintained with out to much effort, is it water wise and is it on budget. Johnna, is always available to answer my questions and to discuss possibilities. When I needed her to come help me at a moments notice, she dropped everything to help me out. Her crew was in and out in a week and the landscape 9 months later still looks wonderful!"- Salimbach  


“This review is way overdue. Johnna is a wonderful and easy to work with designer. She is truly committed to providing you the best service. Johnna did our backyard design this summer and we are so happy with the results. Even after she finished the completed landscape design she continues to check on our progress, provide recommendations and always was there for us and answered our questions."-Anna Gantvarg



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  • Site Design
  • Outdoor Kitchen Design
  • Fire Pit, Pizza Oven and Fire Place Design
  • Arbor and Trellis Design
  • Deck Design
  • Patio, Driveway and walkway Design
  • Play Area Design
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Real testimonials


  • "When I needed her to come help me, at a moments notice she dropped everything and came over to help me. Her crew was in and out in a week and the landscape 9 months later still looks wonderful!" -Salimbach 
  • "Johnna made our dreams come true. We have a garden of deep beauty and serenity." - Drs. William & Susan Buchholz
  • "We are so lucky!!!" - Brad & Susan K. 
  • "Enjoying it." - Barbara C. 
  • "Cohesive and playful look." - Rachelle 
  • "Johnna's talent and expertise in creating our beautiful award-winning outdoor space. We would certainly use her again for any other projects." - Brian Carrie 
  • "Johnna was always there for us and our questions" -Anne Gantvarg 

Easy Solutions


When building your New Landscape project this spring consider incorporating Natural Boulders for Retaining walls using Dry Staked method. They can create a more natural look while saving on budget dollars.

Looking for Answers


Keep in mind when starting your next landscape project,  the benefits from Organic mulching materials, like straw, wood chips, leaves and grass clippings, offer the greatest benefits.

  • Moisture Retention. Most plants need constant moisture for proper growth. ...
  • Soil Temperature Control. ...
  • Weed Suppression. ...
  • Soil Nutrients.

3D on-line Landscape Design

1st Step

Make phone appointment to discuss your project.


2nd Step

 Up-load your Homes Site Plan and Photos.



3rd Step

Request and fill out on-line questionnaire, and we can get started.


Easy and Fast Results

We offer professional Landscape Design services to anyone living in the U.S. Divine Nature landscape Design has been doing on-line Design for some time now and find it very practical for the busy professional to the stay at home mom.

Save Time

  • No more leaving work early to make design meeting on time. 
  • No more getting stuck in traffic and driving all over for site visits.
  • No more trying to coordinate schedules. 

By using Google Earth along with your Site Plan, Existing Site Photos and Divine Nature Landscape Design's Questionnaire, we have everything we need to create your beautiful landscapes that will meet your expectations! 

Call and make appointment today!

  • There is no guesswork. 
  • Plants are selected using Plant Zone information.
  • Plant size selected by examining space available.
  • Completely detailed and professional Landscape Plan. 
  • All done by an accredited UC Davis CA Grade with BA in Landscape Architecture. 

3D & 2D - Price List

Please contact me for more information and pricing. I'd be happy to chat with you about your project and a possible design.